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"Ilia is amazing. She took the time to ask me what I like and what I don't like. She has inspired me to focus on how and what I am eating. Great work Ilia." 
- Samina

"The food Ilia prepared was amazing. It has inspired me to experiment more in the kitchen."  
- Tonya

"When I first began working with Ilia about 6 months ago, I was tired all the time and my energy level was at an all-time low. That was also the time that I noticed my body was beginning to reject meat. I wondered what I was going to do since my family ate meat. I certainly did not have enough time to prepare a meatless meal in addition to a meat based meal. That is when I consulted with Ilia, who is a nutritional healing foods chef who listened to my concerns and created a specialized menu of healthy dishes (meat and meatless) which are not only high in nutrients but also flavorful and aesthetically appealing. My family and I have had the pleasure of sampling many diverse ethnic dishes from around the world. It is always a pleasure to come home and be greeted by the aroma of home cooked food that is beautifully displayed on my table."
- Carrie S. (NYC)

"My experience thus far working with Ilia has been a very positive one. She has been very patient and accommodating to a multitude of food allergies in my household. Right from the start, she showed an interest in helping my family eat nutritious and healthy foods without sacrificing flavor, texture and appearance. She is very eager to please and is open to preparing new recipes (both savory and sweet) for my family. She is enthusiastic and appears to love what she does. Not only is she concerned that we eat well balanced dishes but she also is efficient, well organized and leaves my kitchen spotless with only the scent of home cooked food lingering in the air."
- Katherine S. (Conn)

"Ilia, you are incredibly talented in the kitchen" 
- Amanda

"Ilia's creations were not only delicious and nutritious but she is patient and works with a smile." 
- Betty

"Ilia has helped me to eat more nutritious meals and eliminate the junk. Since I have been working with her, I have been experiencing more energy in my daily life.Thank you!"
- Louise

Healthy Nourished Body Testimonials

"Ilia is an amazing chef and I enjoyed learning about the benefits of all the ingredients." 
- Loretta

"As an empty nester - cooking for myself was unsatisfying. I hated having leftover ingredients and eating the same meal for days. I discovered Healthy Nourished Body and decided to give it a try. This service is amazing! Ilia is chef extraordinaire - not only is the food she prepares healthy, it is absolutely delicious and the presentation is beautiful. I signed up for the one week plan - froze several portions and, with going out to eat occasionally, the menu lasted almost a month. I highly recommend this service!"

-  Nancy K. (Westchester County)